Frequently Asked Questions
Purchasing Furniture & Catalogs
Q: Is it possible to purchase Bernhardt products online?

Our Sales Team will be assisting you regarding product purchase. You can reach us through our hotline numbers
or email us at for inquiries and other concerns. Contact Us

Q: I would like to know the prices of the pieces I am considering buying. Do you have a price list on-line?

For inquiries and price list requests, you can email us at You can also add items to your Wishlist
and press inquiry. Our Sales Designers will provide all the prices and product details that you need. Contact Us.

Q: I would like to see a specific piece. How do I know which showroom has it on display?

You can reach us through our hotline numbers. Our Sales Team will assist you to locate the items you are interested in and
you can also schedule a viewing appointment. Contact Us.

Q: Can I get a catalog of Bernhardt furniture?

You can view our full in-stock product list through our website. Products.

Product Questions
Q: I like a bed shown on your Web site. Do your beds come in different sizes?

Bernhardt’s beds are usually made in Queen, King, and California King sizes. A few styles do come in Twin and Full sizes.

The showroom closest to you can verify what sizes are available for the bed style you like. Contact Us..

Q: How about sofas? How do I know if a style I like is available in a loveseat or sectional?

To verify if a sofa style is available in a loveseat or sectional, view our upholstery offerings online Products or visit the
showroom closest to you. Contact Us

Q: I ordered a platform bed. Do I need a box spring?

Yes. Bernhardt does not make true platform beds, so you will need a mattress and box spring.

Q: How does the touch dimmer work in my china cabinet?

Your touch dimmer has three settings to maximize your dimming capabilities. First touch is low level lighting,
second touch is medium and the third touch is for the highest setting.

Damage, Replacement and Care & Cleaning
Q: I recently moved and in the move a drawer handle was damaged on my dresser. What should I do?

Often damaged parts can be replaced. If you need to get a replacement part for a Bernhardt item, contact the showroom
closest to you for assistance. Contact Us

Q: The movers lost the leaves to my table. Can I get replacements?

The leaves are cut at the same time as the table to ensure a proper fit. Bernhardt does not cut extra leaves for
replacement parts. This is the same for doors and drawers.

Q: A Bernhardt product I purchased was recently damaged. What steps should be taken to get it repaired?

In every situation possible, the best path to follow for questions or problems after your product is delivered is to
contact our Sales Team. They will be able to assist you to solve your problem.. Contact Us.

Q: The fabric on my sofa has a stain. Can I put this in my washing machine to clean?

No. Our fabrics are not machine washable. All of our fabrics have a specific cleaning code that comes from our
fabric vendors. You can contact your Sales Designer for this code and cleaning instructions. Contact Us.

Q: The leather on my sofa is beginning to split and crack. Is there anything I can do to recondition it?

Our leather vendors recommend using only products specific for leather furniture, which are free of alcohol and other
drying chemicals. Most importantly, your leather piece should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources to
prevent drying. For more information, view our Care & Cleaning suggestions. Furniture Care.

Q: How can I find tips on caring for my Bernhardt products?

Tips to help you care for your Bernhardt products are available for wood and upholstered furniture here on our website.
Furniture Care.

Bernhardt Warranty
Q: What is Bernhardt’s warranty on their products?

Bernhardt stands behind their products. View the full Bernhardt warranty here

Q: What is the warranty on lighting systems, TV emitters and other electronic components?

Lighting supplies, TV emitters and other electronically related components are warranted by each respective manufacturer.
You can reach us through our hotline numbers or email us at for inquiries and other concerns.
Contact Us

Q: I need to file a warranty claim. How should I proceed?

You will need to contact the Sales Designer who assisted your purchase and file your claim or email us at We will be needing photos and an original copy of the purchase invoice. Contact Us.

Sourcing & Manufacturing
Q: Where is Bernhardt Furniture made?

Bernhardt Furniture is produced in a number of manufacturing facilities around the world – eight of which are in
North Carolina.

Q: Where does Bernhardt Furniture source its materials?

We source materials globally in order to create a unique look and feel to the pieces in our product line. We are
committed to ethical sourcing and expect our suppliers to apply the same scrutiny to their supply chain as we do.

Sales & Promotions
Q: How can I find out when you are having a sale?

We would love to keep you up to date with our special promotional offers and events! Just subscribe to our
newsletter here on the website and we will send you fresh updates and special offers. Subscribe Now

Q: If I give you my name and contact information, how do I know that you will not sell my contact information to other companies?

Bernhardt has the utmost respect for your privacy. We promise never to sell your contact information to anyone.
Our promise is our guarantee.

Environmental Policy
Q: What is Bernhardt’s position regarding recycling and the environment?

Bernhardt is committed to providing a safe workplace and to maintaining sound and sustainable business
practices for the benefit of our employees, shareholders, community, and customers.
We pledge to conserve raw materials and natural resources, while recycling and reducing waste, to promote the use
of raw materials and manufacturing processes which contribute to clean air and water, and to strive to use non-toxic,
renewable, and recyclable materials.
Employee involvement at every level is considered a major component of meeting these goals and objectives. We
also have an open dialog and participation with governmental agencies, our trade associations, and our community,
in order to improve our environment.
Read more about our environmental policy here